Philosophy is useless but can do something for us. it does not earn for us a living yet makes our life worth living.

    Philosophy came about idleness. Plato, Aristotle and their contemporaries... who are these people? They are the people who love roaming around the city teaching and discussing about what they have in their minds instead of farming for their daily survival. The origin of Philosophy is nothing else but leisure as it is innate in Human Nature.

    There's a big difference between these people and those who are busy trading around the city of Acropolis. Most people do trade as to sustain their daily existence as part and parcel of being human, while philosophers do struggle to find answers in daily existence.

    Human, who are you?

    Who really humans are?

    Humans naturally have this unwritten principle in life, SURVIVAL, as beasts and brute animals do. In fact, all living beings seek to survive, and humans such this is nothing else but animal.

    People who love gathering food or saving wealth at the bank, that they might have enough for tomorrow are ANTS. More than that, some people greedily worst than ants. They are Laborers

    Look at animal’s behavior and they are implicated in human’s behavior. But there are people who are caterpillars who believe, yearn, and think they can fly. They are Philosophers

    There are two kinds of Human Being therefore. They are the Laborers and the Philosophers.


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