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    Fight Club (1999; young executive seeks for meaning through anarchism and violence)
    Gates of Heaven (1778; Errol Morris documentary explores impact of relocated pet cemetary) [VIDEO 4556]
    Ghost World (2001; cynical young girl seeks for meaning while hurting everyone in her path) [DVD 123]
    Leaving Las Vegas (1995; an alcoholic and a hooker enable each other) [DVD 100]
    Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983; series of avant-garde skits) [VIDEO 3448]
    O Lucky Man (1973; Coffee salesman travels UK searching for meaning) [VIDEO 4566-67]
    On the Beach (1959; last people alive after nuclear war search for meaning; remade in 2000) [VIDEO 2155 (1959 version)]
    Quadrophenia (1979; young british mod self-destructs in quest for meaning)
    The Razor's Edge (1946; from Somerset Maugham novel about quest for truth through Hindu mysticism; 1984 remake starring Bill Murray) [VIDEO 2827 (1946 version); VIDEO 4410 (1984 version)]
    SLC punk! (1999; punk youth struggle to find individuality and meaning) [DVD 34]
    The Swimmer (1968; a man swims in several neighborhood pools, revealing his self-deception) [DVD 59]
    The Trial (1963; from Kafka’s surreal novel, a man is arrested but never told why) [VIDEO 1506]
    Stalker (1979; science fiction story of a post-apocalyptic world of despair; in Russian) [DVD 119]

    The 13th Floor (1999; murder mystery set within a virtual reality in which people don’t know that they are only simulations) [DVD 26]
    Dark City (1998; science fiction story) [DVD 121]
    Existenz (1999; virtual reality device test marketed it on a group of people) [DVD 104]
    The Matrix (1999; human minds are unknowingly connected to a virtual reality computer, and a messianic figure attempts to free everyone) [DVD 17]
    Open your Eyes (1997; science fiction story, remade as Vanilla Sky; in Spanish) [VIDEO 4265]
    Total Recall; (1990; science fiction story) [DVD 106]
    Vanilla Sky (2001; science fiction story) [DVD 114]
    Waking Life (2001; animated film about a man who floats in and out of philosophical discussions about the nature of reality) [DVD 99]

    Brief History of Time (1992; documentary based on Stephen Hawking’s life and book) [VIDEO 2311]
    Contact (1997; explores plausibility of extraterrestrial life) [DVD 8]
    Mindwalk (1991; poet, politician and physicist discuss implications of quantum physics) [VIDEO 4514]
    Primer (2004; startup company creates time machine)
    Pi: Faith in Chaos (1998; mathematician tries to predict the stock market)

    A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001; child robot longs for human mother) [DVD 23]
    Bicentennial Man (1999; follows robot’s 200-year quest to become human) [DVD 15]
    Blade Runner (1982; science fiction story about human/android distinction) [DVD 46]
    Fast, Cheap and Out of Control (1997; documentary about four people discusses animal and artificial intelligence) [DVD 11]

    from: Philfilms

    Final Fantasy (2001; animated science fiction film about spiritual residue of alien creatures) [DVD 27]
    Ghost in the Shell (1995; animated Japanese science fiction film about artificial intelligence) [DVD 12]
    I, Robot (2004; Robots revolt against humans)

    Being John Malkovich (1999; man gives tours of John Malkovich’s consciousness) [DVD 10]
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004; man and woman consciously lose memories and struggle with their identies)
    Memento (2000; man with short term memory loss tries to solve wife’s murder) [DVD 30]
    Multiplicity (1996; comedy about man with three clones) [DVD 25]
    Solaris (1972 in Russian; planet re-creates dead people based on memories; 2002 English remake) [DVD 229 (Russian), DVD 231 (English)]

    A Clockwork Orange (1971; criminal brainwashed into becoming nonviolent) [DVD 7]
    Gattaca (1997; man struggles to overcome biological destiny) [DVD 38]
    Groundhog Day (1993; man keeps reliving the same day) [DVD 32]
    Hilary and Jackie (1998; biography of Jacqueline du Pré who mentally degenerates) [DVD 36]
    Minority Report (2002; people imprisoned for predisposition to commit crimes) [DVD 117]

    Brother's Keeper (1992; documentary on retarded elderly man charged with mercy killing his brother)
    Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989; explores the grounds of morality in a Godless world) [DVD 22]
    The Emperor's Club (1989; prep school classics teacher tries to teach virtue)
    House of Sand and Fog (2003; two people fight over ownership of home)
    I Am David (2004; 12 year old boy escapes communist concentration camp and distrusts everyone)
    In the Company of Men (1997; egoistic corporate middle managers exploit deaf woman)
    Lorenzo’s Oil (1992; biography of Lorenzo Odones explores biomedical ethics) [VIDEO 4516]

    The Boys from Brazil (1978; Mengela makes clones of Hitler) [DVD 248]
    The Island (2005; science fiction film explores cloning) [DVD 535]
    Multiplicity (1996; comedy about man with three clones) [DVD 25]
    The Sixth Day (2000; science fiction film explores cloning) [DVD 171]

    Brokeback Mountain (2005; drama of two gay sheepherders)
    Capturing the Friedmans (2003; documentary on father and son wrongly imprisoned for child molestation)
    Kinsey (2004; true story of Alfred Kinsey's research into human sexuality)
    The Laramie Project (2002; retells true story about a murdered homosexual)
    The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996; biography of publisher of Hustler Magazine explores pornography and free speech)
    Saved! (2004; young girl in Christian highschool gets pregnant)
    Wittgenstein (1993; biography of Wittgenstein explores homosexuality)
    The Woodsman (2004; child molester released from prison)

    The Cider House Rules (1999; physician's apprentice wrestles with abortion issue) [DVD 18]
    Citizen Ruth (1996; pregnant homeless girl sparks abortion controversy) [DVD 18]
    Palindromes (2005; 13 year old girl has abortion with surgical complications)
    Rowe vs. Wade (1989; drama behind Supreme Court case explores abortion) [VIDEO 4565]
    Vera Drake (2004; 1950's British Woman imprisoned for assisting in abortions)

    Control Room (2004; documentary of Al Jazeera news network)
    Orwell Rolls in his Grave (2004; documentary describes monopolies in today's media companies) [DVD 782]
    Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004; documentary about Fox News)
    Shattered Glass (2003; true life story of disgraced journalist Stephen Glass)

    The Awful Truth (1999; Michael Moore documentary series explores social issues) [DVD 232-35]
    The Big One (1997; Michael Moore documentary, explores corporate insensitivity towards workers) [VIDEO 4560]
    A Civil Action (1999; explores corporations and environmental damage) [DVD 35]
    The Corporation (2004; explores controversies in business ethics) [DVD 458]
    Enron: The Smartes Guys in the Room (2005; documentary explores the bacKground end effects of Enron's business practices) [DVD 581]
    The Future of Food (2004; documentary about the impact of genetically engineered plants on the food supply)
    Life and Debt (2001: documentary on the effects of the International Monetary Fund on Jamaica
    McLibel (2005; documentary explores law suit brought McDonald's against British activists) [DVD 647]
    Roger and Me (1989; Michael Moore documentary, explores corporate insensitivity towards workers) [VIDEO 4417]
    Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices (2005; documentary about the social impact of Walmart's business practices) [DVD 878]
    The Yes Men (2004; two liberal activists impersonate members of the World Trade Organization)

    Balseros (2003; documentary on 1994 exodus of refugees from Cuba to Miami)
    Born Into Brothels (2004; documentary on children of prostitutes in India) [DVD 529]
    City of Joy (1992; disillusioned doctor goes to India and faces the brutal reality of the caste system) [VIDEO 4524]
    Children Underground (2001; documentary on homeless children in Romania) [DVD 577]
    Dark Days (2000; documentary of homeless people living in New York City subway tunnel)
    The Devil's Miner (2005; documentary about children working in Bolivian silver mine)
    It Was a Wonderful Life (1993; documentary about homeless women live in their cars)

    Dead Man Walking (1995; man on death row comforted by nun)
    Deadline (2004; documentary on Illinois governor George Ryan who granted clemency to death row inmates)
    The Life of David Gale (2003; philosophy professor faces the death penalty) [DVD 575]
    Mr. Death (2000; Errol Morris documentary about Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. explores death penalty, holocaust denial) [DVD 47]
    The Thin Blue Line (1988; Errol Morris documentary about an innocent man on death row) [VIDEO 2478]

    The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005; father and daughter try to maintain ecological lifestyle)
    Baraka (1992; nonverbal film documentary on the effects of modernization) [DVD 649]
    Butterfly (2000; documentary about environmental activist Julia Butterfly who lived in a tree for two years)
    The Future of Food (2004; documentary about the impact of genetically engineered plants on the food supply)
    Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance (1983; nonverbal film documentary on the effects of modernization) [DVD 650]
    Mindwalk (1991; poet, politician and physicist discuss interconnectedness of all things) [VIDEO 4514]

    American History X (1998; neo-Nazi rejects racism)
    The Believer (2001; true story of Danny Balint, a young New York Jew who join a neo-nazi organization)
    Crash (2005; explores varieties of racism)
    Downfall (2004; Hitler's last days) [DVD 510]
    Lost Boys of Sudan (2003; documentary on Sudanese refugees relocated in the U.S.) [VIDEO 516]
    Max (2002; fictionalized account of Hitler's racist youth)
    The Ogre (1996; naive Frenchman assists Nazis) [DVD 202]
    Promises (2001; documentary on racial attitudes of Israeli and Palestinian children)
    Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002; true story of aboriginal Australian girls who escape racist relocation policy) [DVD 170]

    The Grey Zone (2002; true story of Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz forced by the Nazis to help exterminate fellow Jews)
    Hotel Rwanda (2005; genocide in Rwanda) [DVD 582]
    The Killing Fields (1984; true story of Cambodian man fleeing from genocide) [VIDEO 2594]
    Mr. Death (2000; Errol Morris documentary about Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. explores death penalty, holocaust denial) [DVD 47]
    Nuremberg (2000; drama about WW2 war crimes trial) [DVD 19]

    All Quiet on the Western Front (1930; antiwar message from German side of WW I) [VIDEO 384]
    Deterrence (1998; remake of Failsafe explores nuclear war)
    Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004; explores US reaction to 9/11 attack) [DVD 344]
    The Fog of War (2004; Errol Morris documentary on former Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara) [DVD 322]
    Hearts and Minds (1974; documentary about war atrocities in Vietnam) [VIDEO 256]
    Iraq for Sale (2006; documentary about business motives behind the US war with Iraq)
    Occupation Dreamland (2005; documentary explores army soldiers' attitudes about the US war with Iraq)
    Team America: World Police (2004; satire on American involvement in wars)
    Steal This Movie! (2000; biography of 1960s anti-war activist Abbie HOffman)
    The Weather Underground (2002; documentary of radical 1960s anti-war terrorist group)
    Why we Fight (2005; documentary about the causes of the US war with Iraq)
    Winter Soldier (1972; documentary about war atrocities in Vietnam) [DVD 813]

    1984 (1990; based on George Orwell’s novel exploring totalitarianism) [VIDEO 1668]
    Animal Farm (1952 animated film based on George Orwell’s novel exploring communist totalitarianism; 1999 remake using talking animal computer effects) [VIDEO 4395 (of 1952), DVD 20 (of 1999)]
    Antz (1998; computer animated cartoon explores individualism vs. collectivism) [VIDEO 3625]
    Equilibrium (2002; totalitarian regime controls population by suppressing emotions)
    Fountainhead (1949; Ayn Rand novel, attack on collectivism) [VIDEO 2016]
    The Last Emperor (1987; biography of Pu Yi, China's last monarch, depicts traditional Chinese religious ritual) [DVD 103]
    Lost Horizon (1937; group discovers a Tibetan utopia) [VIDEO 516]
    Reds (1981; American journalists caught up in Russian Communist Revolution

    Bowling for Columbine (2002; Michael Moore documentary explores gun control) [DVD 95]
    Lord of War (2005; an arms dealer stuggles with the consequences of his job) [DVD 708]

    I shot Andy Warhol (1996; biography of Valerie Solanas, Warhol’s would-be assassin, explores avant-garde film) [DVD 37]
    My Dinner with Andre (1981; dinner dialogue explores philosophy of theatre) [DVD 13]
    My Architect: A Son's Journey (2003; documentary architect Louis I. Kahn)
    Pollock (2000; biography of Jackson Pollock explores philosophy of art) [DVD 21]
    Rivers and Tides (2003; documentary on sculptor Andy Goldsworthy)

    The Book of Life (1998; Jesus arrives at JFK airport for his second coming, and verbally battles with Satan) [DVD 249]
    The Quarrel (1991; a conservative and a liberal Jew debate implications of the Holocaust) [DVD 107]
    The Rapture (1991; a woman’s unsuccessful quest for salvation) [VIDEO 4531]
    The Seventh Seal (1957; a disillusioned knight returns from the crusades questioning God’s existence; in Swedish) [DVD 33]
    Shadowlands (1993; biography of C.S. Lewis) [DVD 9]

    Agnes of God (1985; murder investigation in a convent explores the possibility of miracles) [DVD 105]
    Elmer Gantry (1960; manipulative evangelist) [VIDEO 369]
    Leap of Faith (1992; manipulative evangelist) [DVD 223]
    The Miracle Woman (1931; manipulative evangelist) [VIDEO 4533]
    The Next Voice You Hear (1950; God’s voice comes out of the radio) [VIDEO 4532]
    Phenomenon (1996; man seeks to understand his new supernatural abilities) [DVD 116]
    Powder (1995; allegory about unappreciated messianic figures and miracle workers) [DVD 16]
    A Question of Faith (2000; monks investigate alleged miracle in their monastery) [DVD 31]
    Resurrection (1980; woman has near-death experience after with she can miraculously heal) [VIDEO 4523]
    The Third Miracle (1999; Catholic priest investigates veracity of miracle reports) [VIDEO 4530]

    The Apostle (1998; southern evangelist seeks redemption after committing murder) [DVD 55]
    The Mission (1986; 18th century slave trader seeks redemption after committing murder) [DVD 101]
    The Reckoning (2004; medieval priest on the run for murder)
    The Devil's Playground (2002; documentary on the effects of rumspringa on Amish youth) [DVD 576]
    Holy Smoke! (2000; woman is coaxed out of a religious cult by a manipulative deprogrammer) [DVD 98]

    Serpent and the Rainbow (1988; Harvard anthropologist investigates voodoo zombification drugs) [DVD 174]

    Devi (1960; woman has vision of Hindu goddess Kali; in Hindi)
    Mahabharata (1989; six-hour drama based on Hindu classic; in Hindi)

    The Cup (1999; exiled Tibetan Buddhist youth in monastery rent TV to watch World Cup game)
    Kundun (1997; biography of Tibetan Buddhism’s 14th Dalai Lama, Kundun) [DVD 172]
    Little Buddha (1994; story of Buddha and a possible reincarnation of a Tibetan monk) [DVD 97]
    Siddhartha (1973; man during the time of Buddha seeks for enlightenment, based on Hermann Hesse’s novel) [DVD 131]
    Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East (1989; elderly Zen master befriends an orphaned boy; in Korean)

    The Chosen (1981; friendship between a liberal and conservative Jew) [DVD 126]
    Great Sadness of Zohara (1983; spiritual quest of Orthodox woman)
    Kadosh (1999; drama about Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox community; in Hebrew) [DVD 122]
    Masada (1981; six-hour drama about the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE)
    The Quarrel (1991; a conservative and a liberal Jew debate implications of the Holocaust) [DVD 107]
    Time of Favor (2000; tensions between religious and secular forces in modern Israel) [DVD 112]
    Women (1996; drama about 19th century childless wife of a Jerusalem Rabbi) [DVD 102]

    The Message (1976; biography of Muhammad)
    Khartoum (1966; story of 19th century Muslim holy warrior declaring himself to be the Madhi) [VIDEO 1069]

    Cardinal Richelieu (1935; biography of Richelieu)
    Constantine and the Cross (1962; Christianity vs. Roman Empire in 4th CN)
    Francesco (1989; biography of St. Francis) [VIDEO 4563]
    God’s Army (2000; depicts contemporary Mormon missionary experience) [DVD 265]
    The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964; movie drama of Jesus based on Matthew; in Italian) [VIDEO 320]
    Luther (2003; biography of Luther) [DVD 513]
    A Man for All Seasons (1966; Thomas More vs. Henry VIII, formation of Anglican Church) [VIDEO 20]
    Martin Luther (1953; biography of Luther)
    Quo Vadis? (1951; Christian persecution under Nero)

    Anchoress (1993; medieval catholic girl searches for religion outside of church) [DVD 120]
    The Cardinal (1963; Irish-American priest becomes a Cardinal) [DVD 128]
    Catholics (1973; Irish priest investigated for returning to Latin Mass)
    The Diary of a Country Priest (1954; young priest struggles in his first parish; in French)
    Dogma (1999; satire on traditional catholic theology) [DVD 127]
    Extramuros (1985; 16th century Spanish lesbian nuns fake stigmata; in Spanish)
    Hell House (2001; protestant fundamentalist depiction of hell on halloween)
    Mass Appeal (1984; conflict between old-school priest and young reformist seminarian) [VIDEO 4564]
    The Nun (1971; single mother forced into convent; in French) [VIDEO 4559]
    The Nun's Story (1959; nun in Belgian Congo) [VIDEO 2159]
    The Priest (1995; a secretly gay young priest replaces an older more pragmatic priest) [DVD 125]

    Barabbas (1962; Barabbas struggles to accept being pardoned in lieu of Jesus) [DVD 251]
    The Body (2001; archaeologist discovers the body of Jesus) [DVD 111]
    The Book of Life (1998; Jesus arrives at JFK airport for his second coming, and verbally battles with Satan) [DVD 249]
    The Fourth Wise Man (1985; a man tries to visit the baby Jesus but after delays sees Jesus on the cross) [DVD 230]
    The Inquiry (1987; mystery about missing body of Jesus) [VIDEO 4561]
    The Body (2001; archaeologist discovers the body of Jesus) [DVD 111]
    Jesus Christ Superstar (1973; musical explores the question of who Jesus was) [VIDEO 2235]
    Jesus of Montreal (1989; actors perform Passion Play) [VIDEO 4517]
    Last Temptation of Christ (1988; Jesus doubts his divine calling) [VIDEO 1117]
    Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979; unsuspecting bystander’s life parallels that of Jesus) [DVD 124]
    The Robe (1953; Roman guard at Jesus’ crucifixion) [VIDEO 2881]

    Black Robe (1991; Catholic and Native American) [VIDEO 3410]
    Four Days in July (1984; Irish Catholic and Protestant) [VIDEO 4562]
    Keeping the Faith (2000; Catholic priest and Jewish rabbi fall for the same girl) [DVD 118]
    The Other Side of Heaven (2002; biography of John Groberg, Mormon missionary in Tonga) [DVD 113]
    Stolen Summer (2002; Catholic boy tries to convert son of Jewish rabbi) [DVD 130]

    Inherit the Wind (1960; dramatization of Scopes Monkey Trial regarding creation and evolution) [VIDEO 319]
    Leon Morin, Priest (1961; Catholic priest confronts communist atheist; in French)

    from: philfilms

    "The General" (Buster Keaton)--Wittgenstein: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
    "Modern Times" (Charles Chaplin)--Marx: Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844
    "Citizen Kane" (Orson Welles)--Socrates: Apology; Plato: Apology
    "Apocalypse Now" (Francis Coppola)--Nietzsche: The Birth of Tragedy
    "Nine1/2 Weeks"(Adrian Lyne)--De Beauvoir: The Second Sex
    "The Cider House Rules" (Lasse Hallström)--Kant: "What Is Enlightenment?"
    "Duck Soup" (Marx Brothers)--Wittgenstein: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
    "Barton Fink" (Joel Coen)--Nietzsche: The Birth of Tragedy
    "She's Gotta Have It" (Spike Lee)--Kant: "What is Enlightenment?"
    "The Eclipse" (Michelangelo Antonioni)--Heidegger: "What Is Metaphysics?"
    "Nazarin" (Luis Bunuel)--Wittgenstein (Metaphor and Metaphysics)
    "Play It Again, Sam" (Woody Allen)--Emerson: Self-Reliance
    "Husbands and Wives" (Woody Allen)--Sartre: The Emotions
    "Dead Poets Society" (Peter Weir)--Emerson: "Self-Reliance"
    "Educating Rita" (Lewis Gilbert)--J.S. Mill: Utilitarianism
    "Network" (Sidney Lumet)--Plato: The Republic
    "Last Year at Marienbad" (Alain Resnais)--Descartes: Meditations
    "Koyaanisqatsi" (Godfrey Reggio)--Fichte: The Vocation of the Scholar
    "What Dreams May Come"--Wittgenstein: "Lecture on Ethics"
    "Hester Street" (Joan M. Silver)--De Tocqueville: Democracy in America
    "Ghost Dog" (Jim Jarmusch)--Sartre: "Existentialism"
    "A Heart in Winter" (Claude Sautet)--Plato: Symposium


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