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    I have a college younger sister who texted [cellphone gadget] just this morning and asked me, "What is Human Nature?" She is a nursing student and is required to take philosophy as minor subjects. After I gave the answer I asked her about the matter and she said they are in their Oral Examination and they are at the moment trembling in the fear of being called. None of them stands with confidence to answer professor's philosophical question.
    Way back one time when in my philosophy academic days, Professor Tagura asked my fellow classmate to answer a question in our Theodicy subject. Standing face to face with our professor, my classmate turned pale and eventually cried. To tell you honestly, [he might read this post] he is a tough professor, but I might forget to tell you that he is among of those philosophy professors who really shaped my mind to think and feel like a real philosopher. Each meeting has always been a challenge to read further philosophy books.

    Now, Professor Tagura asked the crying student, "Why are you crying?" The teary eyed classmate replied, "I’m afraid father..." The most brilliant reply I've ever heard was from that professor saying, "If you know the answer you'll never be afraid!..." That line means a lot of things... politically, philosophically, psychologically.

    On the other hand, how many students out there in every College and Universities experiencing the same sinistrous day in their Oral Examination? Make no mistake, almost all of them as I've been through with that. Take it lightly, philosophy is not that tough. Professor Tagura's reply has always been a phantom in my philosophical pursuit. From that moment on, each meeting and in every Oral Examination has always been a crowning moment until I confidently and successfully defended my undergraduate thesis. There is nothing to fear inside the classroom after all its a challenge to standout to the best argument. Classmates, I tell you... to eradicate fear from Oral Examination is to know the answer. To know the answer is simply by studying, that is, reading and applying what has been read. Have you experienced answering before a question is being delivered? If you can make it inside the classroom, then you will enjoy your college days. College days shall not be enjoyed through Class Outings, Class Tours, Class Parties or any class occasions for that matter. College days shall be enjoyed inside the classroom.

    Back with my sister, she went home and handed to me the textbook they are using. The book is authored by Prof. Babor. As I went through the pages of the book the scent of philosophy sent me back to my academic years where I enjoyed so much and enthralled me to pursue further on philosophical studies.

    Book/s: Socrates to Sartre and Beyond

    The Human Person Not Real, but Existing

    Movie/s: Dead Poets Society

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    image: Jose Vilson


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