• My Philosophy Notebook

    Metaphysics Notebook
    We discuss about being, reality
    What is after the object
    Andronicus of Rhodes edited the works of Aristotle and accidentally called it metaphysics [ta physica]

    Philosophical Questions:
    What is reality?
    What is being?
    What is real?
    What is?
    Can man know reality?

    The subject of Metaphysics is Being.
    -the ultimate causes of being.

    Man seeks for the ultimate causes of things.

    •The problem of Universals - the common features, characteristics.

    •What is common to a group of Particulars?

    The problem of Universals traces its origin from pre-Socratic which deals with the question of ONE and MANY.

    What is the common feature shared by Particular instances or specifics(things)?

    You know a particular thing once you are able to grasp it.
    But how?


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