• Life and Death

    Every human-being naturally desires eternal life. Mankind is intertwined with the pursuit of a life after death. One is born and learn how to live. Realizing the deadly struggles to live, everyone risks to long for the life after death. Death becomes undreadful. Death becomes pleasant for death is not the end rather a beginning to eternal life.

    In the phenomenal world life is finite and death is infinite.

    It has been said in most lay expressions that death is way too endless that forever will be an endless sleep underground.

    Some would say in a religious expression that death paved the way to eternal life. For there is nothing else if it is to live eternal life but through death. Bottom line, we live to die, and die to live eternally. Death is the portal to eternal life.

    in mathematical formulation:

    life+death=eternal life

    Life and Death Further Discussed:

    Life : prior to our birth, who are we? philosophical science would answer in a most convincing manner with loads of proofs... we are from our previous composition of cells that is from our parents and way count back they would certainly come from their parent's cells which would make a regress towards the very beginning.

    With male and female's either coincidence or planned union or any union for that matter each and everyone had been born where life is come to realize. But if we trace our origin aside from our corporeal existence that is mysterious. No one holds enough proof and no one is wise enough to prove the existence of human aside from its corporeal existence.

    What one can only do is speculate.

    Death : after this meaningful existence, what we will be? .... to be continued..........

    Death is the maximum or the epitome of pain.


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